Hotel Elafonisos


A paradise next to the sea

Elafonisos, 300 km southwest of Athens, is a beautiful pearl in the Laconian Gulf and offers its summer visitors swimming, fishing, golden beaches, warm sun, romantic sunsets, fresh seafood, cedar, sand dunes and many other elements of unique beauty.

The beautiful island of Elafonisos is well known for its unique and crystal clear and organized beaches.

In a small bay we operate our beautiful and renovated hotel, a mini complex with comfortable spaces, unbelievable views of the sea and the coast of the Peloponnese.

Here you will find furnished rooms with air conditioning, TV, parking, beautiful verandas with views and an outdoor area with sofas to enjoy the view and tranquility of the landscape.

Just 2 meters from our stairs you will enjoy your swim in the sea, you can even visit the beaches of Simos and the islands of Panagia that are just a few minutes away from our place. You can also walk to the settlement and the harbor shops by foot.

Our hotel has been operating since 1982 and has the longest history on the island as it has passed into the second generation.

In our beautiful outdoor area, we serve breakfast from 9 to 11 daily. Most products are made by us, based on the quality and purity of the materials.

During the night tour, the use of the car is not necessary as our hotel is located on the bay of the settlement. There, you will find small taverns with good food and one of the largest fleets in Greece composed by fishing boats, trawls, and long-liners. It is very rare to see it whole because of its dispersion in the sea and gulfs of Peloponnese, Kythira and Antikythira.